Established in March 2014, Guangzhou Jiuyou is located in Starton City. It has nearly 200 employees and a 5,000 square meters factory. It is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. At present, it has 19 products with independent property rights, and the representative products are: Ball Paradise, Crazy Capsule Toys, lollipop, engineering family series, etc. Our products have successfully applied for national patents, and obtained cultural access and CE certification. Our company has cooperation with WOG, UDC, Harry Levy, TIMEZONE, Coast to coast, zzang and other merchants. And we participated in many overseas game exhibitions, such as DEAL, Orlando expo, IAAPA Europe and Asia exhibition, Thailand exhibition, Philippines exhibition, etc.


   4P Ball Paradise  





This is the king size capsule machine for 4players. It has big transparent capsule pool for 100mm diameter capsule. It can hold with 700pcs capsules. Target at the running balls, and shoot them into the prize goal. Successfully, you can take away the capsule prizes. Many kinds of items can fit in the capsules. It can meet all age players ‘requirements. It is a remarkable revenue machine.


  1P Ball Paradise  


The novel UFO shape makes this machine different. Press the button and shoot the capsule into the prize goal, you can win the prizes. It is very easy to play. This machine use 100mm capsules. A lot of small prizes can fit inside. One machine can meet different requirements for players and venues. 


  crazy capsule toys  




With simple one-button operation, it is easy for kids and adults. Press the button to release capsule balls. When it drops into the one of the 3 target holes, you win the prizes. It is easy to play but really a little difficult to win, because the holes on the wheel keep turning around. You need to judge the speed of the wheel, which will be very exciting and funny for players. 4”capsules accommodate wide variety of prizes. And the overhead bin holds up to 60pcs capsules, the most important point is that the missed capsules are automatically reloaded.







Unique mechanical design with exquisite shape, bright yellow color, will easily catch the eyes of kids. Children are always curious about the design of Engineer Family. With 4 positions, you will earn high profit.Insert coins; control the joystick to move the crane/hook. Press the button, then the crane/hook get prizes and release it to the prize out. Winning prizes frequently will let kids feel so excited and want to play again and again.


   happy crane   



Open the doors to win funny small toys. Skillfully press the button in a right time and catch toys to drop the prizes into chute for you to collect.If missing the instant win; you can continue inserting coins and maybe win toys, because this machine has high payout rate for kids. It is easy to catch children’s eyes. Glistening and high-quality cabinet holds four positions for players together and various gifts for players to choose.It is easy to play, suitable to kids.


  lollipop vending machine  




Lollipop vending machine is a small shape game machine. Colorful roulette lights rotate around the prizes in the machine, which gives a fantastic experience to kids. After inserted coins, press the button to start the game. The light will keep running. Press the button again, and then lights stop. The lighted number is the winning candy number. There is a screen showing the expiry date of candies. For buyers, it is a self-operational and self-profitable machine, leaves no worries to them.