Guangzhou Superwing Animation Technology Co.Ltd, is an comprehensive company that experienced manufacturer in researching, manufacturing and marketing arcade game machines. It was set out to  "Animation Brand, Entertain the world" for the mission, committed to produce and R&D high-quality commercial game machine.

Most of its products have independent intellectual property rights, and so far has accumulated 146 national patents. It won "Top Ten Brand Enterprises of 2017 China Animation Game Golden Finger Award" and "2019 Excellent Enterprises", and other industry honors.

In the future, Superwing will keep ongoing efforts to strive for greater achievements in the process of creating a world animation brand and on the road to the innovation of commercial games.






Blow up big balloon, win tickets in roulette wheel.
Until the balloon burst,win JP bonus.
Support MATCH for two players.

   Water Fantasy   




Water shooting game, 
Shoot trops to get different weapons, freezing, thundering, painting…etc.
6 stages, and 3 effects, big water columns effect, freezing mist effect, waterjet virbration effect.




   Snap Zombie   


Shooting zombie game, HALLOWEEN design.
6 stages and speed up to 500balls /minutes. 
Low maintenance.



   Space Cop   




2 player shoot 5 moving UFO, 
Rescue human and win scores,
3 stages and levels,
Good for kids and families.



   Hook Shot   

2020 Latest basketball game,
has 65inch big screen!
Support two palyers to compete with eash other,
4 stages and 3 level for all players.



   Amazing Alley   




Circus design, rolling ball game.
3D holographic images, virtual and reality playing.
Chance for big bonus in roulette wheel.
Support match for many players.