Guangzhou Dodo Bird Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd is professional in developing and manufacturing arcade machines and amusement game machines . We are a big professional manufacturer containing production department, R&D department, Technology Department, Sales & Marketing Department, Factory, Show Rooms and Retail shops founded in 2001.The main products of our company have game machines, amusement equipment, arcade machine including coin operated game machine, kids amusement game machine, amusement lottery game machine,  doll game machine, gift game machine, fish game machine, screen lottery machine for indoor playground in the mall, or amusement park for kids and amusement game machine center.

With our continuous explore and research, we launched a series of popular products, such as Lucky Ball, Robocop, Lucky Fish,Sea Fish, Funny Fishing, Mr Gola etc. Novelity and unique,leading the market ,Dodo’s high-quality products have become most of the major domestic amusement park’s standard purchased products. Our business has been across Asia, Europe, American and other countries and regions, deeply welcome by domestic and foreign market. All of products have applied patent and software copyright and have the access to the ministry of culture, and CE, RoHS certifwication, etc. 





1.Insert the coin, and puss the start button;
2.Shoot the rob cobs with the bullets and kill more robots with the big bomb; 
3.Bullets hit the Boss screen will add the selaling stamp, after decode the
sealing stamp, the boss will come out.
4.Beat the Boss and the coin-pusher will unlock.


  Luckyball 2  





1. After the coin is inserted, press the “Start” button to start the game.
2. Turn the steering wheel to control the direction in which the ball falls;
3. Guide the ball into the bottom hole to obtain the corresponding lottery ticket;
4, the ball fell into the JACKPOT win the super prize corresponding lottery number.



  Space  Rescue  




1. Insert coins. 

2. Press the start button to drop the ball. 

3. Push the pop-up button to pop up the W mechanism and catch the ball.

4.When the ball enters the middle turntable, it receives the corresponding number of lottery tickets and has the opportunity to challenge the Jack Pot.


  Suoer Luckyball  




1. After insert the coin, press the "start" key to start the game

2. Use the turntable to control the left and right direction;

3. Guide the ball to fall into the bottom hole to obtain the corresponding lottery;

5. The ball falls into jackpot's lottery which wins the corresponding score of the super prize.




  Sea Fish  




1. Insert coin to earn points;

2. Press the "Switch" button to select the hooks with different points;

3. Aim the target and launch the hook by pressing the “shooting” button;

4. When the fish is hooked, turn the handle quickly and pull the fish back to get rewards;

5. Press the "shooting" button to release the electric shock and corona fish.



Mr Cola



1. Put into the coin to start games;
2.Coins are inserted into the coin hole to obtain a can of prize;
3. Coin didn't enter the coin hole to win the prize lamp;
4. Accumulate all lights on to win a can of prizes.