15-17 JULY 2020

Why The Show

Capture The Fast-growing Southeast Asian Market

According to the "2016-2022 China Amusement Equipment Market Operation Analysis and Investment Prospect Research Report" released by Bosi Data Research Center, the global game and amusement equipment market enjoys solid growth and is predicted to reach 51.4 billion US dollars by 2022, with Africa and Southeast Asia emerging as markets with the strongest and most sustainable growth potential.

Southeast Asia - ASEAN region has been experiencing astounding economic growth over these recent years. Thanks to the rising disposable income, stronger purchasing power and ever-improving standard of living, the region emerges as a fast-growing new consumer market with an escalating demand for entertainment and recreation.

Source: Bosi Data Research Center

Rapid urbanisation in the region spurs the demand for entertainment as an indispensable part of its people’s lifestyle. A new form of living that offers a mix of residence, business, leisure and recreation has evolved as a highly sought-after option. Offering of gaming facilities and playland for shoppers and their kids in shopping malls are becoming a common fixture today, especially in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia and Indonesia.

Meanwhile, we see a big increase in the numbers of theme parks and park visitors in Asia. Southeast Asia is projected to become an important theme park market with tremendous growth potential in the very near future. Most, if not all, of these theme parks come along with purpose-built play zones installed with indoor gaming machines and facilities to enrich play varieties and cater different needs of park-goers. The completion and opening of more new theme parks in such key cities as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and Ho Chi Ming City in the coming few years will further boost the market demand for more gaming and amusement equipment.

China's grand “One Belt One Road” strategic development plan is now under way to promote free flow of trade and market integration, and to forge new ties among various economies along the routes spanning China, ASEAN, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In particular, the initiative is binding Southeast Asia & ASEAN together as a huge regional market. This brand-new exhibition in Thailand sets to offer suppliers and buyers in the Southeast Asia and ASEAN region an exceptional platform to capture the enormous business opportunities brought by the “Belt and Road” initiative.

An Exceptional Selling, Sourcing & Buying Platform In Bangkok

The region’s huge demand for leisure, entertainment and gaming equipment bodes well for Asia-based manufacturers and suppliers who want to increase their sales and market expansion in Southeast Asia and ASEAN region.

This specialised trade exhibition in Thailand sets to offer suppliers and buyers from East Asian and ASEAN countries an exceptional platform to capture the enormous business opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative as well as the fast economic growth of the region.