15-17 JULY 2020

Why Exhibit

An Exceptional Selling & Buying Platform In Thailand

Asian Electronic Game & Amusement Equipment Expo is posed to be an exceptional showcase of the best and latest designs of electronic game & amusement equipment from China and Asia in Thailand. The 2nd edition of Expo in 2020 renders buyers in Thailand and across ASEAN to source Asian-made game and amusement equipment which offer innovative design, excellent quality and competitive prices.

Reaching Keen-to-buy Customers In the Fast-growing ASEAN Market

The 2020 Asian Electronic Game & Amusement Equipment Expo is set to be an ideal platform for regional and internationally-based suppliers to tap into the fast-growing Southeast Asian and ASEAN markets where they will meet prominent industry professionals and a large number of keen-to-buy buyers. ASEAN’s huge population and uprising middle class are becoming a strong buying force to create a booming market demand for various kinds of gaming products and amusement equipment.